Sean O’Sullivan,
Managing Director

Sean is a Managing Director of SRA with 28 experience in banking.

After graduation, Sean worked for LTCB of Japan, Ltd. In 1988, he joined Bankers Trust Company in their Loan Syndication Group.  Sean was responsible for the sale and closing of over $5 billion in loan sales. Sean worked on a variety of transactions across various industries and sold loans to financial institutions, insurance companies and mutual funds. Sean joined the Credit Derivatives group at Bankers Trust in 1992 and in two years the portfolio increased from $125 Million to $2 Billion and revenue growth exceeded 500% over the same period.   Sean then joined the Financial Sponsors Group at BT Securities where he researched opportunities for clients to pursue acquisitions, mergers and related transactions across a wide variety of debt instruments. Sean also managed a portfolio of clients in the Financial Sponsors Group.  He worked on the closing of $3.5 Billion in debt financing for BT clients.

Sean joined Bayerische Landesbank in 1996 as a Fortune 500 Marketing Officer.  In 1997 he founded the U.S. Utility Group in 1997. He was responsible for a $3.2 Billion portfolio consisting of 34 electric utility companies, including 15 of the top 20 utilities in terms of asset size in the U.S. Emphasis was on development of innovative finance solutions, balancing client requirements measured against the risk parameters of the bank. BLB consistently ranked in the top 10 of foreign banks providing commitments to the U.S. utility industry. Commitments in the utility portfolio represented 7.2% of BLB’s North American loan commitments, yet produced over 20% of the North American regions profits. Sean received numerous senior financing roles over 9 years based on relationship development by his group. These senior roles included numerous cross border utility transactions in the United Kingdom.  The project finance team at BLB was expanded in 1998 to accommodate non-recourse business opportunities originated through the U.S. Utility Group.  Sean was responsible for creating the loan syndication group at BLB New York.  He has spoken at industry conferences and seminars in Europe to promote the bank in the utility industry and energy sectors.

From 2008-2013, Sean worked as a consultant in Technology and the outsourcing advisory sector within financial services. He helped to develop sales strategies, marketing campaigns and pipeline development for firms that were looking either to start up a new practice within financial services or refine their existing practice to take advantage of current market conditions. Sean’s banking background and his list of contacts within the financial services industry allowed him to offer access and insight for the firms for which he was consulting.

In 2014, Sean joined New York Private Bank & Trust (a subsidiary of Emigrant Bank) as Vice President and Senior Credit Officer for a $250 million portfolio in the private bank.  He was a member of the Credit Committee.

Sean O’Sullivan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1987 with a B.S. in Finance. He completed the Bankers Trust credit training program in 1992.