SRA helps community and regional banks with best practices in banking. With deep experience in Enterprise Risk Management, M&A Due Diligence, Internal Audit, Bank Integration, Credit Risk Management, Strategic Services, Board of Directors Support, Operations and Technology and numerous Other Services, we can help you address a wide range of issues. The following links will tell you more about our primary services. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact any of the partners.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Governance

Optimize the bank’s organizational framework for managing risk

Risk Profile and Board Reporting

Develop Risk Profiles, Refine the bank’s risk appetite and provide consistent reporting

Risk-Based Capital Planning and Adequacy

Quantify the bank’s risk and link to the strategic plan

Business Line and Departmental Risk and Control Assessments

Develop departmental reporting and controls

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

Independent Assessments of Loan Portfolios

Determine base case and down case credit marks

Independent Reviews

Assess IT, branches, operations, compliance, contracts and other non-credit areas of the bank

Day 1 Credit and Interest Rate Marks

Facilitate FAS 141 reporting

Bank Integration Management


Design an integration plan which manages all aspects of both banks


Provide project management support of the integration teams; assure that cross-functional issues are addressed and resolved.

Resource Support

Provide subject matter experts to support bank and project personnel

Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Department Evaluation

This includes External Quality Assurance Reviews and Compliance with Fed SR Letter 13-1

Fractional and Interim Audit Management Support

Internal Audit staff augmentation when you need it

Full Internal Audit Outsourcing and Specialty Internal Audit Reviews

Specialty reviews such as Governance, DFAST, ALLL, IRR, ALM and more

Model Validation

Validation of computer models and spreadsheets.

DFAST Support Services

A comprehensive suite of DFAST Services aligned with Interagency Guidelines.

Credit Risk Management Advisory Services

Loan Reviews

Independent loan reviews which validate credit risk ratings

Stress Tests

Loan level and portfolio level stress tests

Assessments and Improvements

Assess and improve credit management processes

Credit Training

Custom credit training for loan officers, credit analysts, and portfolio managers

Credit Analyst Support

Complete annual reviews and underwriting assistance for loan approvals. Spread financials.

Strategic Services

Strategic Plans

Develop strategic plans with strategic initiatives and measureable items

Capital Plans

Develop capital plans which quantify risk and synch with the strategic plan

Regulatory Management and Remediation

Assist with Written Agreements, Consent Orders, MOU’s, MRIA, MRA’s

Fractional Officer Support

Part time senior executives to fill C Level positions on an interim basis

Board of Directors Support

Management & Board Assessments

Independent assessments as a best practice or in support of enforcement action

Board Training

Regulatory and bank training for Boards of Directors

Succession Plans

Succession planning to identify gaps and training needs within management

Board Reporting

Improve the effectiveness and conciseness of board reporting

Regulatory Management and Remediation

Assist with Written Agreements, Consent Orders, MOU’s, MRIA, MRA’s

Information Technology and Security Services

IT Strategy and Governance

Assess, improve and develop IT strategies and governance to address regulatory requirements, established control objectives and expectations for compliance and enforcement.

IT Regulatory Compliance

Define regulatory requirements and develop internal practices for compliance through governance, periodic self-assessment, continuous monitoring and remediation.

IT Internal Audit

Provide support for technical audit reviews including risk assessment, audit scope and plan development, review performance and remediation support.

IT Operations, Process, Readiness and Remediation Strategy

Assist with IT organization design and process mapping to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT processes. Establish control objectives for the IT organization, develop methodology for performing periodic control self-assessments and assist in remediation actions and reporting.

Cybersecurity Strategy and Privacy Services

Assess, develop and implement sustainable processes, programs and technologies for managing organizational, data, application and infrastructure security and privacy risk. Provide security operations, vulnerability assessment and attack and penetration services.

GRC and ERM Solutions and Risk Systems Strategy, Design and Implementation

Assist with strategy, design and implementation of processes and systems to automate governance, risk and compliance functions, risk data aggregation and regulatory reporting.

IT Strategy Risk Reporting and Analytics Systems Strategy, Design and Implementation

Assist with strategy, design and implementation of processes and systems to collect and analyze risk data to provide intelligence as to complex risk exposure reporting utilizing advanced modeling and data analytics capabilities for both structured and unstructured data.

IT Fraud Prevention and Detection

Implement a framework and technologies for establishing preventive and detective controls to monitor potential fraudulent transaction activity.

Operations Support

System Recoding

Provide teams to remediate detailed loan codes pre or post merger integration. Facilitates regulatory reporting and liquidity management.

Process Mapping and Process Documentation

Develop process maps and procedural documentation to support efficiency and risk reduction objectives and assist in optimizing organization structure.

Operational Efficiency

Efficiency reviews, design correction plans & processes, implementation. Cross-functional workshops and design of more scalable, streamlined operations

Operational Remediation

Identify root causes, redesign and implement stabilized processes. Resources to analyze and correct critical operational issues.

Risk and Control Assessments

Evaluate and measure inherent risk, existing operational controls, and needed controls against stated risk appetite and regulatory requirements.

Compliance QA programs

Review first-line and second line of defense internal QA, provide additional resources to prepare for exams.