SRA helps banks assess and improve their credit risk management.

Relying on best practices and prior experiences, SRA can help the bank improve the initial underwriting and approval of credits as well as the ongoing management of credits. In addition SRA can provide training, assess other processes within credit, help update loan policies and procedures, implement credit scoring models, upgrade financial spread programs, or provide other assistance.


  • Assess and update the approval process for credits including underwriting, loan authorities, templates, and the financial analysis of borrowers, guarantors, and collateral.
  • Assess and strengthen portfolio management.
  • Identify weaknesses and recommendations in credit risk management and credit administration.
  • Identify training and staffing issues.
  • Strengthen management of special assets and problem loans.
  • Provide or strengthen portfolio analytics.
  • Revise or update loan policies and procedures.
  • Review the ASC 310 and 450 process including the independent review of the ALLL methodology.
  • Implement credit scoring models and automated systems for consumer loans.
  • Implement financial analysis programs.
  • Strengthen tracking, collection and analysis of current financial statements of borrowers and guarantors.
  • Update loan committee charters.
  • Address regulatory issues.


  • Strengthen the bank’s underwriting of credits and reduce loan losses.
  • Strengthen credit risk management through better understanding of borrowers and quicker action on emerging problems or issues.
  • Improve compliance with loan policies and procedures.
  • Reduce documentation errors.
  • Streamline and improve approval and portfolio management procedures.
  • Improve board and senior management oversight of the loan portfolio.
  • Improve board reporting.
  • Reduce risk rating downgrades and other weaknesses in portfolio management.