SRA provides banks with experienced credit analysts who can help them underwrite credits, spread financial statements, and complete annual reviews. The analysts work on either a part time or full time basis enabling banks to augment existing staff as well as obtain credit services in a cost effective way. The analysts can also work remotely which can reduce travel expense.
SRA’s analysts are former loan officers and credit analysts who know how to analyze and underwrite credits. They are also familiar with many financial spreading systems and can easily adapt to the bank’s templates or introduce new ones to the bank.


  • Analyze project and global cash flows of a credit and provide a complete underwriting package as part of the loan approval.
  • Spread financial statements utilizing the bank’s spreading system.
  • Complete annual reviews of credits in accordance with the bank’s loan policy.
  • Provide or develop templates which enable the bank to improve underwriting of repayment sources, complete annual reviews, facilitate loan approvals or address other opportunities in lending and credit administration.
  • Help the bank assess and implement new financial spreading systems.
  • Analyze tax returns and financial statements.
  • Thoroughly underwrite collateral.
  • Analyze loan portfolios and help the bank assess credit trends.

Benefits of SRA’s Credit Analysts

  • SRA’s credit analysts are experienced loan officers and credit analysts, and will make an immediate impact on the bank.
  • Enables the bank to utilize a highly skilled resource on a part time or flexible basis and only use them when needed.
  • Improve credit analysis without the cost of a full time hire.