SRA’s Independent Loan Review Practice is managed and executed by our highly qualified team of banking veterans, each of whom has extensive experience lending and collecting money for community and regional banks.

Unlike many firms, we use seasoned credit people, not junior technicians to complete the reviews.

Our objectives are simple: We will assist you with risk rating accuracy and promptly identifying problem assets, and we aim to make your next regulatory exam a smooth journey.

Our loan review reports offer practical, industry-based, tailored suggestions to enhance the Bank’s credit risk management infrastructure. Our goal is not to “ding” you with a long list of file shortcomings; rather, we work closely with your lenders to ensure that your loan files are up-to-date and present a clear and accurate depiction of credit risk.


  • SRA’s loan review team is comprised of senior level bankers and former bank examiners skilled at getting to the heart of the credit risk picture. We offer “on the spot” suggestions to your management team before we leave the Bank.
  • Our expertise includes small business and consumer underwriting, portfolio management, model validation, and collection reviews.
  • We tailor “best practice” CRM suggestions for your Bank, borne both from our experience as lenders and from what we observe as we visit other banks across the nation.

What You Can Expect

Our Independent Loan Review will:

  • Promptly identify commercial loans or consumer portfolios with potential credit weakness.
  • Assist the Bank with appropriate loan risk ratings.
  • Assess the adequacy of adherence to internal credit policies and relevant regulations.
  • Isolate segments of the loan portfolio that are potential problem areas.
  • Evaluate the quality of loan approval, monitoring and ongoing risk assessment.
  • Share best practices in credit risk management.
  • Provide the Board and Management with an objective assessment of the overall quality of the loan portfolio.

Optional Capital/ALLL Stress Review

While we are already working in your loan files, our team is equipped to efficiently extract the relevant metrics needed to test your Bank’s exposure to micro and macroeconomic stress.

We use a “bottoms up” approach within the Bank’s commercial loan portfolio, segregating into CRE, AD&C and C&I/Owner-Occupied categories. We combine this with a “top down” approach for consumer loans, and run the results through our proprietary analysis to generate a simulation of capital and ALLL behavior under various stress scenarios.

The pricing for our Stress Reviews is discounted in combination with an Independent Loan Review.