SRA helps bank’s Boards of Directors with a wide range of services including Board and Management Assessments, Succession Planning, Board Training, Board Reporting, and Regulatory Remediation. SRA helps board members meet their responsibilities to shareholders, regulators, and other constituencies for the safe and sound operation of the bank.

With high level banking and regulatory experience and real time regulatory feedback, SRA’s partners and senior team can help the Board address almost any high level need.


  • Board and management assessments to meet regulatory requirements or identify areas for strengthening. SRA’s assessments incorporate a banking and regulatory perspective vs. an HR perspective, and are a best practice in corporate governance.
  • SRA utilizes interviews, surveys, and onsite assessments to determine the breadth and depth of the board and management team and provides recommendations to address any shortcomings or improve effectiveness.
  • Succession plans to identify training needs for the current management team and the managers who will be replacing that team. SRA also develops training plans for those successors or action plans to identify outside talent when internal managers are unavailable.
  • Board training to update directors on regulatory requirements, industry trends, and the latest in risk management.
  • Board training is tailored to the specific needs and concerns of the board and bank.
  • SRA can also help the bank improve reporting to the board by making it more concise and informative. The goal is fewer reports and better information so the board can utilize its limited time as effectively as possible.
  • Regulatory remediation helps the boards of directors and management team manage enforcement actions such as exam findings, board resolutions, MOUs, written agreements, consent orders, cease and desist agreements, etc. We help the bank comply with the enforcement actions by providing project management support and reporting as well as subject matter experts to assist the bank in remediating all regulatory issues.


  • Leveraging experienced, senior level bankers and regulators enables the bank to obtain “best of class” support in assessing and strengthening the board and management.
  • Assessments enable the bank to meet regulatory requirements as well as adapt best practices in bank and board management.
  • Succession planning ensures the bank is prepared for unforeseen events and preparing the next generation of management.
  • Board training and reporting helps keep the board informed and effective in meeting its fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Regulatory support enables senior management and the board to comply with regulatory actions, remediate any findings, and put the bank on a path which will lead to the removal of any regulatory actions or downgrades.