SRA helps banks with a wide range of strategic services including Strategic Plans, Capital Plans, Regulatory Support for Bank Exams, MOUs, and Enforcement Actions, and Fractional Officer Support.

With high level banking and regulatory experience and real time regulatory feedback, SRA’s partners and senior team can help you address or comply with almost any high level need.


  • Strategic plans that identify and leverage the bank’s strengths and establish key strategic initiatives and milestones which are tracked by the bank and the board.
  • SRA utilizes a collaborative effort with the management team and board to flesh out the bank’s strengths and weaknesses and determine the best opportunities for the bank to pursue.
  • Capital plans to determine the bank’s capital needs on a risk adjusted basis. SRA’s capital plans incorporate regulatory guidelines such as OCC 12-16 and Basel III as well as stress tests and ERM risk scoring.
  • The capital plans incorporate “most likely” and “downcase” scenarios which are linked to the strategic plan and are based on the bank’s actual history and financial condition vs. generic industry scenarios.
  • Regulatory support helps boards of directors and management teams manage and comply with exam findings, MOUs, and enforcement actions. SRA provides a project management role and reporting as well as subject matter experts to assist the bank and the board in remediating all regulatory issues.
  • Regulatory support includes support for the Compliance Committee, formal reporting to the regulators, development of action plans and new or revised policies, management and board assessments, and assistance with compliance of all regulatory action items.
  • Fractional support enables the bank to fill senior level positions with experienced bankers on a temporary, cost-effective basis until a permanent hire can be found.
  • SRA has helped banks with CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CCOs, CROs and Chief Auditors as well as with loan officers, credit analysts and internal auditors.


  • Leveraging experienced, senior level bankers and regulators enables the bank to obtain “best of class” support in meeting strategic needs.
  • Strategic and capital plans which are concise and linked. Plans which are effective in identifying strategic initiatives and the capital to support those initiatives and which include milestones for achieving those initiatives.
  • Capital plans which meet regulatory requirements for quantifying risk and assuring capital adequacy.
  • Regulatory support enables senior management and the board to comply with regulatory actions, remediate any findings, and put the bank on a path which will lead to the removal of the regulatory action or downgrade.
  • Fractional support enables the bank to quickly fill management gaps with highly qualified personnel on a cost effective basis until a full time person can be found.